I Heart Yoga to the People in Downtown Berkeley


Going to the gym is just an excuse to watch Friday Night Lights for me. Yes, I actually use the elliptical while I’m watching. But when I really want to exercise, I go to Yoga to the People.

There are so many good things about taking a class at Yoga to the People in Downtown Berkeley. The only bad thing I’ve experienced there was stepping in a wet spot.

There’s an adorable sadist ass man (chair pose again?) teacher with a Staten Island accent. It’s donation based so it’s affordable and I’m not the only ragamuffin in there wearing a free pitch contest t-shirt instead of the latest Lululemon. When class is over, I get to turn to one of my friends and say, “Now I know what you look like after having sex” and then we go drink wine afterwards. I’ve seen beautiful foot tattoos. I’m partial to scenes and sayings from The Little Prince. It’s so fucking challenging that I have to focus, I can’t think about work, or guys, or food, and once sweat dripped off my face and plopped onto my mat. It makes my flat ass grow a little bigger and my extra ass grow a little smaller.

The best part is near the end of class when they turn down the lights and start talking about self-love and finding strength in the mind body connection; at least that’s what I hear. I’m awesome for taking the time for myself, to challenge myself, and find a little peace. There’s something about laying there, a wet noodle that makes the idea of exercising being really good for me sink in. There’s a singing bowl and a quote for example:

“Be a lamp to yourself. Be your own confidence. Hold on to the truth within yourself as to the only truth.”

– Buddha

Light it up and breathe.

Yoga to the People

I Heart Yoga to the People in Downtown Berkeley

One thought on “I Heart Yoga to the People in Downtown Berkeley

  1. Liz Benton says:

    I love Yoga to the People! I started going by myself when I first moved here and was looking for a yoga studio. This is the one studio so far that I have been drawn to return to repeatedly. I also really like the location in the Mission — it’s on the 5th floor in a beautiful wood floor loft space. I take the 90 minute class there on weekends when I have the time to cross the Bay. Anyway, I appreciate what you’re saying here about the fact that you can go heal your soul and body without having to sport Lululemon. Truth!! It is one of those places that truly allows for transformation, because you are too exhausted during class to focus on anything other than your breath and yourself. (Although I admit I’ve eyed some beautiful tattoos there too.) Excited to practice there with you and hopefully others who read this. 🙂


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