100 (Yikes!) Qualities of My Ideal Partner

I wrote this list two years ago. My boss at the time was really into self discovery. I went to Landmark, found out I am an INFJ, and my spirit animal is a deer. I also met with a life coach. I stopped seeing him after a few sessions because he told me that I was being bad Sarah and needed a spanking. Before that, he asked me to create this list. I remember I sent it to my new boyfriend at the time and his response was, “Uh oh, you should probably know that I am a little terrified of spiders!” A befitting response for a ridiculous list?

Most “authorities” say to keep in mind 5 qualities. Here we go, in no particular order…as of today, I’m looking for:

  1. Tolerant of the fact that I apparently can’t count to 100
  2. Kind
  3. Open minded
  4. Man not a boy
  5. Makes me laugh
100 Qualities of My Ideal Partner 3/9/14 passionate
similar stage in life cares about understanding himself and others
smarter than me interested in my career
willing to come to Berkeley trusts me
nice hair comfortable with silence
healthy teeth likes animals
healthy sex drive confident
curious sexually adventurous
open would consider couples counseling
funny understanding of health issues when/if they arise
similar energy level thinks I’m funny
good mix of wanting to go out and stay at home no addictions
not too religious aware of what’s going on in the world
omnivore kind
loyal talented
wants to be married clean and fairly neat
wants or will consider having kids creative
wants to live in or near a city protective
warm honest
generous supportive
chivalrous patient
calm appreciative
planner but sometimes spontaneous attentive
likes to travel motivated
allows me be girly opinionated
likes to give compliments nice to waiters, other drivers, old ladies etc.
understands I need my alone time my best friend
keeps in touch regularly stylish ish
accepting decent grooming habits
prosperous takes direction
relational responsible
charitable likes the outdoors but is not too outdoorsy
has dreams brave
same height or taller empathic
willing to drive me around so I can look out the window detail orientated
handy little family drama
more masculine than feminine dependable
willing to initiate earnest
does what he says he’s going to do trusting
wants to be a team grateful
often gentle, sometimes rough clear-headed
mature Democrat
communicative realistic
will stay by me at a party if I need it romantic
reads disposes of spiders and fixes things for me
likes to explore studious
disciplined has my back
articulate devoted
silly side inspiring
serious teaches me
hopeful happy just to be around me, more often than not
100 (Yikes!) Qualities of My Ideal Partner

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