Why the Sandwich Spot is the Only Place I want to Eat Lunch Outside My Apartment

I work in downtown Berkeley four blocks from my apartment. I usually eat lunch at home, swipe for love, and sort of watch Days of Our Lives. The food in downtown Berkeley isn’t very good but I love the Sandwich Spot. Please don’t confuse the Sandwich Spot with Sandwich Zone across the street, as my boss does.

I love the Sandwich Spot because the sandwiches are delicious and the sandwich makers are great. One time I ran into one on the street and she might as well have been Selena Gomez. It was way better than running into a former student who I taught in 4th grade and is now 18 years old.

There’s the sandwich maker who must moonlight as a male model and the one who bakes the sweet potato pie. I overheard them talking about Fallout once and I chimed in. Fallout is a video game my former office-building crush and my coworker Edgar play. I’ve never played. I told the sandwich boys that I had special ordered a Fallout themed cookie cutter with which I was planning to make cookies for my office-building crush. One gushed, “If a girl can relate to me on the Fallout level, she’s something special.”

It didn’t work out with the office-building crush and I never made the cookies. It is working out with the Sandwich spot. Swoon.

If you’d like a delicious sandwich

If you want to make Fallout cookies

Why the Sandwich Spot is the Only Place I want to Eat Lunch Outside My Apartment

10 thoughts on “Why the Sandwich Spot is the Only Place I want to Eat Lunch Outside My Apartment

  1. Liz Benton says:

    First off, love the Sandwich Spot. Also, we must be kindred spirits, because I am convinced that my great love comes in sandwich form. I am also just learning Fallout speak myself, as Eric is very into it, and it is currently dominating our living room. Hence my own version of “swiping for love” and sandwich infatuation. Us ladies gotta stick together! 😉


  2. Clemenceaux says:

    Wow! Thanks for the most excellent blog post – Who doesn’t love a nice Sammy and knowing where the best ones live?!

    Also, love the the cutie logo ( with the lovely bow )…


  3. DC says:

    “Can I share with you my worldview? All of humankind has one thing in common: the sandwich. I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.” — Liz Lemon

    Love the post, and love the sandwich spot! I personally endorse sandwiches #24 and #10.


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